Our School

Our academy has been operating under Tim Kachurov for over 20 years, but has been training dedicated actors for many more. The training process is one that enables the gradual and meticulous organic development of the student-actor (voice, speech, and movement), as demonstrated by our current performers who, even after 8 years (and counting), continue to learn and master the techniques necessary to become creative, knowledgeable, and versatile actors. Our knowledge comes from training in classical theatre and we present our artwork once a year through neo-classical and modern plays, as well as selected contemporary works. Developing together as an ensemble, we strive to become a professional company that is truly unique to Toronto’s theatre scene, particularly for its attentiveness to style, in content and in form. We welcome anyone who has the dedication and willingness to take the time needed to develop the speaking organ, the voice, and the body. The cost is minimal and we invite you to witness our training and rehearsal process at your leisure. The work we do aims to provide our spectators with experiences that will make them think, question, and feel, but with a classical sense of depth that is more often than not a rarity in our contemporary, North American theatre.

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