Classes & Program

The aim of the programme is to train actors with a high degree of technical facility and flexibility, and to develop individuality and imagination. The training is classically based because we believe this provides the best foundation for acting in any form or media but also includes thorough training in contemporary plays and styles. The development of individual skills in the areas of acting, voice, and movement provide the building blocks of the training, and these skills are applied and developed in a variety of projects, and productions

Voice training is an integral part of our study. A thorough grounding in all elements of voice training and development is the ultimate aim. This consists specifically in familiarizing the student with their own individual organic vocal material, quality and range. Developing a flexible voice, it’s proper usage and vocal tone. Speech technique is another essential aspect of our study. This involves diction, clarity, elocution, rhythm, declamation and accentuation.

Movement, also an integral part of the training, is taught throughout the course. The movement training encourages the student to develop a physical competency and physical imagination necessary for transformation into character. Classes range from core skills (flexibility, release, engagement and connection), tempo-rhythm, form and mask (neutral and character).

* Study of texts in their cultural context
* Practical classes to foster an understanding of performance skills and text analysis.
* Text interpretation, phrasing and sentence blocks.
* Understanding different styles of dramatic material and being able to perform in that style.