“Tim- congratulations! Keith, Pola and Dale were especially strong in this outing. I clearly could decipher the themes of  oppression and resistance that were abundant in this play. You should be thrilled about the play- I was pleased you got a standing ovation- you deserved it with all the passion you put into your craft!”

James Thomson; educator, historian, and art historian at UofT School of Continuing Education; on Antigone by Jean Anouilh in May 2012.

“I know very well the director and the group itself, they are indeed a highly talented group. A theatre where everything is thought through instead of being a bare-naked emotional appeal. The theatrical matter built in it is fantastic, and this is exactly what builds an emotional reaction in you. Just my spelled out feeling of one who highly appreciates the theatre.”

Vladimir Milman; actor, writer, Coordinator of Registraral Technology at OISE/UofT; on Antigone by Jean Anouilh in May 2012.

“Tim, was great to see you last night! Thank you for the wonderful Show! TRULY enjoyed every minute of it”

Era Chorna; Vienna Staatsoper trained ballerina, jazz singer, and owner and founder of ‘New Era School of Dance and Music’; 2012.

“Thank you, everybody for a great show! It will stay with me for a long time – I have never been a fan of Greek Tragedies, but maybe Greeks knew something even then – in order to make an impact you have to create an emotional upheaval. You certainly did. It was very intense. Thank you and congratulations!”

Svetlana Ivonava; theatre and film actress; 2012.

“Tim is a great director. He likes challenging material dramas and farces written by new playwrights. He has directed two of my scripts and I have been satisfied with his overall weltenschaung. Regards, Harvey.”

Harvey Markowitz; Present-day Canadian playwright.

“Tim is one of the finest and the most inspiring acting coaches in North America. His technique is unique, exact, and specific. He brings rich content to students that make them advance instantaneously. There is no one word that can describe Tim’s persona: deep passion for theatre, tremendous knowledge of art, talented actor with good taste for life, in summary one of the most interesting people I ever met. I’ve been lucky to work with him on many projects. He also acted in my two films and VT show I directed. I hope to work with Tim again and for many years to come.”

Igor Rados; Filmmaker, Rhymes of a Madman Pr

“Tim is a gifted instructor as a result of a first class education in theatre. He is very knowledgeable about design, movement, voice and speech on the stage and knows the history of theatre in Greece, Germany, Italy, England, and Japan.”